In 2016, Favelapainting returned to The Netherlands to start the first project in their own country. The refugee crisis in Europe finds cities in need of new and fast solutions to help create a humane and livable situation for refugees in their new temporary homes. In Amsterdam the former ‘Bijlmerbajes’ prison was closed and quickly turned into a temporary refugee living facility. Prisons are not the most welcoming places and the Bijlmerbajes is not different. The Amsterdam Painting project aims to transform this huge complex with six giant grey towers that have long be a eyesore in Amsterdam’s skyline. The project aims at transforming the buildings, both in-and outside, in order to recreate their new identity as a new home to the refugees. It will offer opportunities in form of skill training, network building and job opportunity, while empowering the participants to ‘make the place their own’.


In the winter season, the Amsterdam Painting project moved to the inside of the building and hosted a series of workshops. The workshops were intended to help the residents of the azc forget their situation for a moment and completely focus on their creativity. The workshops catered to residents of the azc with varying artistic experience so they didn’t need to worry if they have never picked up a paintbrush before.


Participants would gain insight into the Amsterdam Painting project and learn how to actively engage in the project and develop their basic art techniques. Working in pairs, participants played with shapes, colours and various art equipment to create a piece that links into the large outdoor mural painted. This finished piece is now part of the interior of the public hallway that the participants pass by every day.




Want to join us, or like to book the Amsterdam Painting crew for a workshop or event?

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