The last workshop of 2016 proved to be one of evaluation and of celebrating the past year. We made a evaluation form for the participants to fill in. We asked them to reflect on the workshops, what they thought was the best part of the workshops and what we could improve. Overall the participants were very positive about the workshop, claiming that they really loved the chilled vibe during the workshops, mainly due to the

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The most people so far attended today’s workshop. At the busiest, we had around 9 people painting and stencilling. Some of the participants that joined us in the weeks before started making new paintings or started stencilling and finishing their previous pieces. All the new participants were photographed and already started on their backgrounds. A significant amount of paintings is made so far and we started thinking about an exhibition of their artworks in the


Today’s workshop was a bit less crowded than the week before, but this gave us the chance to interact more with the participants and get to know them a bit better. We talked about their home-countries and the routes they had to travel to arrive in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we showed them the art of stenciling and drank the sweetest (Afghan) tea ever. We talked about how to attract more people to the workshop and

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